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For transit vessels, all embarking and disembarking persons must carry valid civil passport and seaman book. For children less than 18 years old are not accepted as seamen even though they have valid seaman book. Person having no valid seaman book is considered as passenger by local authorities, those people may also embark and disembark the vessel (except dangerous cargo carriers) during the passage, in that case sanitary and light dues are calculated based on free pratique tariff, which makes those charges much higher than transit tariff. For dangerous cargo carriers, having no allowance of passengers in their ITC (1969) are not allowed embark or debark any person without valid seamen book. After embarking and disembarking, crew on board and crew list must fit the requirements of safety manning certificate.
Documents required for crew change
- Crew List : 6 Copies
- Store List : 2 Copies
- Cargo Manifest : 2 copies
Crew change takes place at the southern part of Bosphorus, without any delay, and takes
about 15 minutes.
Please also fax copies of following docs one day before vessel's arrival to Istanbul, in
order to get the permissions without any delay.
- Minimum safe manning certificate
- Safety equipment certificate
- Safety equipment certificate - FORM E
- Crew list
- Passport & Seaman book copy (First page) of all Embarking & Disembarking Crew
- ISPS Certificate
- Continuous Synopsis Recorder certf.
- Register Certificate
- Class Certificate
- The licences of the officers
- Flag endorsements for the officers
We also need the nationality of embarking and debarking crew far in advance, in order to get visa approval from local immigration. FYI, Turkish Visa may not be granted at the border for some nationalities by Turkish Immigration, thus details info in advance is crucial. Due to extra formalities and longer distances, crew change will cost much higher at the northern entrance of Bosphorus and Dardanelles Strait than Southern entrance of Bosphorus-Istanbul.